Tectum designs an urban gardening prototype for office rooms

This company, created in 2020 by Sostenipra research group, specializes in urban agriculture and has just presented a prototype for incorporating a vegetable garden module in offices.

Tectum is a member of the network of companies of the UAB Research Park. Tectum specializes in urban agriculture and has a multidisciplinary team with expertise in technical and agronomic aspects, environmental impact, and product eco-design, among others, to provide interdisciplinary responses to the challenges of moving towards more sustainable cities. They offer design services, installation and maintenance of urban gardens and other urban agricultural systems, training on how to build an urban garden, advice and consultancy.

Recently, together with the furniture company Kettal, they presented their Hydroponic Garden prototype at the Milan Furniture Fair. It consists of an office module that incorporates a hydroponic garden with edible vegetables. The aim of Hydroponic Garden is the edible renaturalization of indoor and outdoor spaces. The vegetables are grown without soil, in a light substrate that prevents overweight on the building structure. Drip irrigation optimizes water use and contains dissolved fertilizers adapted to the plants; excess nutrient-rich water is reused. The system uses LEDs or natural light, which is adapted to each crop. The materials used are 75% recycled and 100% recyclable.

According to Tectum, consuming the vegetables from the Hydroponic Garden can reduce 30% of food waste, due to food losses in the logistics stages of conventional horticulture. The expected impact is to transform work environments into renaturalized spaces, with edible crops that improve people’s quality of life and help combat climate change.

You can follow their latest news and services on their website and social media.

News source: ICTA-UAB