Fertilecity I


The project holds an interdisciplinary team with expertise on the areas of environmental impact accounting, urban water cycle, flows characterization and economic assessment with experience on fields of energy assessment, energy efficiency, architecture and sustainability assessment.

The project team is composed by researchers from the group Sostenipra (2014 SGR1412) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). The project also counts on the external advice of the Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentària (IRTA), who contribute with its expertise on agronomy and greenhouse technologies.

Project director:

  • Dr. Joan RIeradevall (UAB-ICTA)

Senior researchers:

  • Dr. Xavier Gabarrel (UAB-ICTA)
  • Dra. Gara Villalba (UAB-ICTA)
  • Dra. Maria Rosa Rovira (UAB-ICTA)
  • Dr. Alejandro Josa (UPC)
  • Dra. Eva Cuerva (UPC)
  • Dr. Oriol Pons (UPC)
  • Dr. Pere Muñoz (IRTA)
  • Dr. Juan Igancio Montero (IRTA)

Junior researchers:

  • MSc. Pere Llorach-Massana (UAB-ICTA)
  • MSc. David Sanjuan-Delmàs (UAB-ICTA)
  • MSc. Ana Nadal (UAB-ICTA)
  • MSc. Mireia Ercilla (UAB-ICTA)
  • MSc. Carla Planas (UPC)
  • MSc. Anna Petit Boix (UAB-ICTA)
  • MSc. Jorge Sierra (Inèdit)
  • MSc. Ana María Manríquez-Altamirano (UAB-ICTA)
  • MSc. Perla Zambrano (UAB-ICTA)


  • Dr. Jordi Oliver-Solà (UAB-ICTA – Inèdit)
  • Dr. Javier Peña (ELISAVA)
  • Dr. Esther Sanyé-Mengual (Università di Bologna)
  • MSc. Roger Tudó (ETSAV)