Fertilecity I


  • T1 – Operation system
  • T2/T3/T4/T5/T6 – Technical and Environmental characterization of the system
  • T7 – Environmental impact analysis
  • T8 – Socio-economic and sustainability assessments
  • T9 – Global system approach and perspective
  • T10 – Dissemination, knowledge transfer and exploitation

The technical and environmental characterization of the system includes tasks for each flow under study: infrastructure and materials (T2), energy (T3), water (T4), CO2 (T5) and food (T6). Once the system and its flows had been characterized, will be applied an environmental (T7), socio-economic, sustainability (T8) and territorial (T9) assessments. Dissemination, transfer and exploitation of the project (T10) will take place during the project. In addition, task 0 is related to the coordination of the project.