Fertilecity II

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Fertilecity (CTM2016-75772-C3-1-R) Tasks

  • T1 – Functional experimentation of LAU-ICTA. Adaptation and operation
  • T2 / T3 / T4 / T5 / T6 – Technical-environmental characterization of system
  • T7 – Environmental impact analysis
  • T8 – Socio-economic and sustainability assessment
  • T9 – Global and prospective approach to the system in urban planning and building
  • T10 – Dissemination, transfer and operation of the project

The technical-environmental characterization of the system includes tasks for each flow object of study: infrastructure and materials (T2), energy (T3), resources and their metabolism (T4), food (T5) and emission flows, gases greenhouse (GHG) and waste (T6). Once the system and its flows have been characterized, an analysis of environmental impact (T7), and socio-economic viability and sustainability (T8) and territorial (T9) will be applied. The dissemination, transfer and operation of the project (T10) will be carried out throughout the project, both technologically and academically. Also, task 0 corresponds to the coordination of the project.