Urban Food & Agriculture: Bringing Nature Back to the City. SMARTCITY congress (Barcelona) November 21, Urban Environment Room Thursday.

Session promoted by Groog project.
The potential of fostering food and agriculture within urban areas is transversal and far-reaching. It brings an opportunity to strengthen urban-rural linkages, advancing not only towards smart cities but also smart regions. As 80% of all the food that is produced is already consumed in cities, and considering the current unprecedented levels of urban population growth, how can agriculture in cities ensure lower emissions and higher food security?

First Panel: Feeding the City while ensuring Sustainablility of Urban Food SystemsModerator:Gara Villalba Mendez (ICTA-UAB, DEQBA). Speakers: Mara Balestrini CEO Ideas for change Barcelona, Spain; James Macdonald Strategy + BizDev Consultant Urban Crop Solutions Waregem, Belgium;Karndee Leopairote Chief Advisor for FutureTales Lab Magnolia Quality Development Corporation.

Second panel: Panel | Food & Urban Agriculture Strategies
Moderator: Mons Badia Senior Congress Specialist Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona, Spain. Speakers: Corinne Valls Mayor City of Romainville Romainville, France; Marie-Angélique Schott Project Manager Astredhor (EST HORTICOLE) Roville-aux-Chênes, France;Xavier Gabarrell Durany Professor of Chemical Engineering Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología Ambientales (ICTA). Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)  Spain; David Volk Leader of Greenhouse Development EBF GmbH Bensheim, Germany

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