About the project 2017-2019- CTM2016-75772-C3-1-R, AI / UE-Feder

Presentation of the Fertilecity project, roof-integrated greenhouses: symbiosis of energy, water and CO2 emissions with the building – Towards urban food security in a circular economy. CTM2016-75772-C3-1-R, AI / EU-Feder

About the project 2014-2016. CTM2013-47067-C2-1-R

Presentation of the Fertilecity project, 2014-2016. CTM2013-47067-C2-1-R, facilities and principal investigators.

Time-lapse second lettuce harvest

Our junior researchers work diligently to help us achieving the project objectives.

Report: Fertilecity, urban agriculture on the cover of ICTA-UAB

On March 3, Verde Primavera program of betevé TV channel, did a report on the ICTA rooftop to show our FertileCity project, which wants to be the spearhead of urban agriculture. For the first time, a greenhouse integrated in the building has been implemented in Europe with the aim of producing food for the cities.

Food self-sufficiency

Report on food security realized by the Catalan public television TV3.

Time-lapse second crop of tomatoes

Time-lapse del segon cultiu de tomàquets dut a terme entre el setembre de 2015 i gener de 2016.